Creative People
(who are sometimes artists or writers)

Along with the wonderful gifts that particularly creative people have, they often feel particular vulnerabilities: heightened sensitivity and emotional intensity, a degree of receptivity that can contribute to feeling overwhelmed and disordered, and a difference in perspective that may contribute to feelings of not belonging.

These struggles can be another aspect of their strengths.
Therapy often involves helping people become more tolerant
of their own responses, and more able to order and deal
with those responses in their lives and art.

Creative people have often been told that they are too sensitive, and they may criticize themselves this way. Self criticism can make it harder for them to value and use their sensitivity, vision, and receptiveness.

Not everyone with a particularly creative nature is an artist in terms of vocation or avocation but I have worked with men and women who have “found” their art in the course of dealing with their issues and becoming more whole or healthy.

The word heal come from the root word hals which means whole. This is relevant to everyone but perhaps particularly to artists.

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