WoMAC (Women Molested as Children)

Often being in group is the first experience women who were abused have of meeting others who had similar childhood experiences. Often, it is the first time that they speak openly about their shame, the distorted or confused ideas that they have about themselves; and often they say it is the first time they have felt accurately mirrored by others. Group members are ableĀ  to give each other a depth of support and insight that is healing.

Recovery, Empowerment & Growth

The focus of the group work is recovery. What recovery means for each woman is different yet there are definite shared goals: becoming more empowered, more able to differentiate the present from the past, more able to feel safe, to develop healthy relationships, and to take care of oneself.

Groups are small, six people maximum, and run in 10 week cycles. Women often participate in more than one cycle.

Anyone who is interested first meets with me individually to learn more about the group and to make sure it is right for them. Group participants are also in individual treatment; if their therapy is with another clinician, they sign a release so that the individual therapist and I can communicate.

NEW SESSION INFORMATION: A new ten week cycle will begin in August; if you are interested please contact me by phone or e mail.

For an initial consultation, more information, or to make a referral, please call 908.806.2040 or email info@carolfreund.com.
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