Please see each highlighted category for more information. Individual sessions usually last 50 minutes. They are often the treatment of choice for:

Adults looking to improve something in their own lives often say they gain greater confidence about themselves and their goals through individual sessions. Their concerns cover a wide spectrum of feelings and issues; focus is usually on the present although the past often surfaces through the way people handle and think about things.

Creative people often seek perspective and a way to re-focus when they are experiencing difficulties with their work process.

Parenting: Mothers or fathers come in when they are concerned about how they are responding, about differences between them, or about their children’s behavior or feelings.

Trauma: Women who were sexually abused as children work on healing in both individual and group treatment. Some women choose individual treatment without being in a group.

Teens are most often seen individually. The degree of parent involvement depends on what is going on and is discussed with parents and teens.

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