From Couple to Single

Whether a person is 16 or 60, it is common for people who have just ended a relationship to worry that they will never be with someone again. It doesn’t seem to matter whether someone initiated the break up, was on the receiving end of the decision, or whether it was joint.

It’s a scary, and difficult time for people.

In a group with other adults, people can get perspective and support and can also work on clarifying the patterns in his/her own relationships that may have contributed to the relationship difficulties. Are you a blamer? Are you someone who takes too much blame? Do you always need agreement? Do you look for someone else to make you feel good about yourself?

If any of these tendencies are too prominent, it’s likely that they’ll crop up and be destructive in any romantic relationships. People tend not to see their own relationship lens and patterns until they find themselves with new people yet with the same old difficult feelings and issues.

Working in a group can offer people support and insight at a time when that seems badly needed. Before joining, I meet individually with people to make sure group is right for them.

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