Holistic Psychotherapy

Clients & I collaborate to help them resolve their problems and get unstuck. People often say therapy helps them feel more alive, empowered and individual. Our collaboration promotes

  • clearer goals and ways to achieve them
  • improved relationships
  • a greater ability to make choices rather than just react

Holistic means that I relate to people rather than just treat symptoms. Clients and I develop a healing interactive relationship in which I provide education and feedback.

I practice with:


Initial calls are often made because of:


Initial calls are often sparked by:

  • A betrayal and loss of trust
  • Repetitive fighting
  • Desire for better communication and more intimacy


  • Struggles with goals, independence and identity
  • Depression, anxiety, or low self esteem


  • Creative people often seek help because of their heightened sensitivity and self-criticism
  • Problems with the creative process


Women healing from childhood abuse


For an initial consultation, more information, or to make a referral, please call 908.806.2040 or email info@carolfreund.com.
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